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D. Aprigliano
Sep 15, 2022
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I think it is very important for lawyers to understand Tupac's life experience and poetry because lawyers can't adequately represent their clients without understanding and relating to them - no matter what their backgrounds. Tupac grew up in an environment surrounded by, in his own words, "poverty, murder, and violence." His upbringing under those seemingly impossible circumstances motivated his path to becoming the "rose that grew from concrete" - the successful rap artist who became such at the young age he was and against all odds. If a lawyer is unable to relate to, or at least understand, the point of view of the young Black man whose hopes, dreams, worries, and innermost thoughts filled the pages of "The Rose that Grew from Concrete," that lawyer has shown they cannot be an effective representative for such person - and, therefore, that they are not a truly effective client representative.

D. Aprigliano

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